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Site Selection for Solar Electric Systems

We offer several options that work seamlessly with new or existing buildings

— both residential and commercial

Cardinal Directions: The most important consideration in locating solar panels is to ensure proper alignment to the sun with little or shading from nearby trees, vegetation or buildings. A site assessment will help determine the best location for solar system placement. 


Mounting Options: The next component involves mounting options. We offer several mounting options: 

  • roof-mounted (on rails)

  • ground/pole-mounted systems

  • building-integrated designs that make the PV panels look more natural to the eye (see our Gallery of some recent examples).

Energy Capacity (wattage): The system size is determined by your electric needs. Obviously, the more electricity you use the larger the system size is needed to offset that usage.


A typical resident in Indiana uses 10,000 kWh / AC per year (you can find your own kWh usage on your electrical bills). A typical 7-8 kW solar electric system that is south-facing and has no shading from trees or buildings will harvest approximately 10,000 kWh AC on average per year. 

Free Solar Analysis: To analyze your solar usage and needs, our skilled technicians will access the site, collect important data on pitch, solar alignment, and typical energy usage. We will then provide you with a detailed and informative analysis.

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